Carl Sörqvist

I work with Active Directory, federation and PKI. Currently employed as a consultant in the Directory Services area. I do programming from time to time in C# and PowerShell.

Main interests outside the professional are mathematics, science (astronomy, physics), gaming, medieval fantasy literature, psychology and politics. YouTube, Twitch and Netflix are my main sources of entertainment.

Knowledge is better shared.

As far as I can remember, I have always been curious. And when it clicks, and I finally understand something, I immediately want to share that knowledge with others. For the longest time, I had no medium to do so. Sure, I could’ve written a whitepaper, but how would it be distributed? How would people find it? And bear in mind that a whitepaper isn’t particularly suited for small findings, and tend to be long and tedious. When would I have the time to do that?

For many years I simply accepted that I had no adequate platform to share my findings. Not for lack of trying; I did look into different blog platforms now and then, comparing features, never really finding one that I felt was what I wanted. And of course, there was the question of hosting: should I host the server myself, having complete control of the platform and its contents, or just buy it as a service? If the former, I’d have to manage all components myself; databases, web servers, load balancing, etc. If the latter, what if the provider went bankrupt or was targeted by law enforcement? Would I be able to get my content back?

Back around 2013 when I first started thinking about it, there were plenty of platforms to choose from, and I even looked into setting up a .NET based one (me being knowledgable in .NET Framework this was a no-brainer). Sadly, I never got around to it. Nowadays, in 2020, web platforms have evolved sufficiently and it is finally time to stop procrastinating and get on with it. I chose the latter option with a hosted solution, mainly because I’m lazy.

Q&D Security is a subsidiary to the fictional company Q&D Solutions, founded in 2016. Started by me and a then-colleague, we were talking about the fact that while both of us – and many other colleagues – tried to implement solutions that were generalized, dynamic, and solid, we were never given time or means to actually do so. Instead, we were forced to implement shaky, non-complete, and hardcoded trash to meet management budget and timelines, which we all knew would only create more work for both ourselves and others in the future. My colleague then jested one day that “well, that’s how we do things at Quick & Dirty Solutions”, and here we are. So while the name may be cause for some concern, I can assure you that it is quite the opposite; irony at its best.